Program Overview

We are approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) for our Kindergarten and Elementary programs and are licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education, Office of Child Care (MSDE OCC) as a childcare facility for our infant, toddler, preprimary, primary, and homework center programs.

Infant/Toddler Program
We accept children 6 weeks of age through 24 months in our Infant/Toddler rooms. We strive to provide the appropriate enriching experience in a warm secure environment that is suitable to each stage of development during this critical growth period.

Pre-Primary Class
This program for children approximately 24 months to 36 months and provides them with the opportunity to learn through play and exploration. Helping your child develop self control and a positive self-image, this program is designed to blend the world of the toddler in a classroom setting.

Primary Classes
Children 2 1/2 through 6 years enjoy the primary program. This program provides them the opportunity to prepare for their formal school years by tapping their natural curiosity and eagerness for learning.

Elementary Classes
Schooling for children in first through third grades. We continue to foster each child's search for independence by offering a free flowing curriculum that is modified for each child. Assessments are done through portfolios.

Before and After School Care
For families needing full-time arrangements, we are open from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm to provide quality care around our school programs. For school age children, we offer access to hi-tech, hi-touch homework center with access to high speed internet to conduct academic research and complete projects, access to library with a books in a variety of subject areas, access to playground with ample outdoor games and equipment.

Summer Program
A 10-week intellectually stimulating and fun-filled program designed to keep children engaged, happy, and excited throughout the summer months. Our program consists of lots of creative hands-on activities, local and in-house field trips, and a wide array of opportunities for children to learn new skills. We deliver a FUNTASTIC summer for children 3-5 years (primary environment) and 6-13 (schoolage environment).

Included in curriculum:
Art Appreciation, Foreign language (introduction), Physical Education, Daily Living Skills (basic food preparation, cooking and serving, nutrition, personal hygiene), Music Appreciation.

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